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Home is where the heart is..... 25.08.2009
Last stop Venice.... 22.08.2009
Dubronvik.....finally 17 years after I should have been here 21.08.2009
You say Corfu....I say Kerkira! 20.08.2009
Our Olympic Experience 19.08.2009
OPA! Land of Ouzzo and Cheese 17.08.2009
Man is it hot here!!!!! 15.08.2009
Bella Tuscanny 14.08.2009
Hmmmm...Sweaty Spaniard or Sweaty Canadian 09.08.2009
Walk, walk, walk! 08.08.2009
The Barber, The Bachelorette and Seville 07.08.2009
Alhambra = Amazing 06.08.2009
Nothing is private on the Internet 05.08.2009
Jonaś pilgrimage to Skal International, Torremolinos 04.08.2009
And now on to the real holiday 03.08.2009
If this is Friday it must be Belgium! 03.08.2009
First - one of many updates 03.08.2009
Can you say Deerfoot Trail on Steroids... 30.07.2009
Our itinerary 27.07.2009
Are we only a delivery vehicle for the band? 23.07.2009